Preschool/Community Education Enrichment Classes

Our weekly classes take place at your child's preschool, community centers, once a week.  Classes are formed by age and development level.  The 30-45 minute classes motivate kids to enhance balance, coordination, and listening skills. Every child will have their own ball for the entire session to ensure maximum skill development is happening. As your child continues to learn and advance, more difficult moves in soccer will be added including dynamic dribbling, fakes and moves, and of course…striking the ball to score. All of this will be conducted in a non-competitive environment that will encourage your own child to take risks and try new and fun things!  Then at the end of the session, your little one will receive a skill stamp!

Your little one must be enrolled at one of our partner schools to participate at that location. We also have partnered with community centers around the cities to reach out to as many children as possible for families that would prefer to watch their child during the program. (Community education registration is taken directly through their site.)