Coach Dad Faves!

NEW! "Coach Dad's" Top-picks brought to you by Coach Tim!
Season after season parents ask Coach Tim, lovingly referred to as "Coach Dad" by his kiddos, what they should purchase for their child.  As a dad and soccer guy- he's got answers!  From cleats and shoes to seasonal apparel, he's got you covered!  He's even got some fun stuff for parents to stay comfortable while watching their kids play.
More will be added as the seasons change- stay tuned!

Soccer Balls

Senda Athletics is near and dear to our hearts as a Fair Trade soccer company, ensuring that children are not involved in manufacturing their products!  Fair Trade and top-notch quality?  Can't go wrong here!

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Diadora Kids' Cattura MD Jr Soccer Cleats

A good pair of toddler cleats are hard to find!  When my kids were smaller, we always went with a pair of these Diadoras.  They run a little wider than most cleats, which make them easy to slip on and off, and they hold up nicely from season to season.  I don't usually recommend cleats unless it's wet/muddy, but these would be the ones I'd recommend!



Most of us soccer people can attest to a good pair of Adidas boots!  I was a Nike guy myself, but there's no denying that Adidas is one of the go-to brands for cleats!  As my kids got to be 3 and 4 we went with this boot.  Stylish, slick, and sturdy- it got the job done!


Adidas Child Performance Youth Sock Shin Guard
Most of the time we tell parents to skip out on shin guards for our 30-minute classes, which are non-competitive and dominantly developmental.  But when it comes to our leagues, you may want to grab a pair.  I really like these shin guards.  They shield comes of for easy washing and a more comfortable wear when your child isn't playing.  I do recommend drying your child's feet off as much as possible to get these on, but compared to other shin guard/sock combinations, these are much easier to put on.


Nike Shin Guard/Sock Combo

Quite frankly, these are a bit of a classic.  My kids have all used these.  It's easy to wash with its all-in-one design.  But there a few a reasons it ranks just a little lower on our list and that's because they can be difficult to put on for the average parent.  Again, you want your kids' feet dry and you have to ensure that their foot is slipped past the ankle guards for a snug fit.


Under The Weather MyPod

Okay, this one may seem a little silly, BUT if you're having to sit out in unfavorable weather either by yourself or a much younger sibling (Thinking of my wife nursing babies at games...) then this is for you!  It's surprisingly warm and keeps you from posting up in wet/muddy grass.