Our Curriculum

We are the whole child soccer program! What does it mean to be a “whole child soccer program” you might ask? The Whole-Child approach fosters the entire child’s development- their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. All of which are key pillars to building a brilliant player!

Using play-to-learn concepts and imaginative play, each child is equipped with their own ball for an entire class to learn soccer skills at their own pace, enabling them to repeat a skill and master it on their own developmental level. Our curriculum includes themes and adventures to engage the child’s mind, where it will then encourage the child to take a role and lead the activity, become comfortable, confident, then a master. Our monthly Big Ideas build each child’s social and emotional development. Ideas such as Trying New Things, Optimism, Helping Others, etc. all get your child to think outside the “soccer box” and look to themselves and others.

By progressing through our age appropriate curriculum from Little Toes to Future Legends your little one is ensured to have built a solid foundation we hope will lead to a life long involvement in sports and fitness and hopefully soccer!  With an approach designed to support our little soccer stars in classroom learning we will introduce the foundation skills of soccer along with more complex deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills of soccer giving your little soccer star a sport specific head start in the world's most popular game!

The Approach

At HappyFeet, our approach is simple: We want to introduce soccer in a way that opens up doors of possibility for young kids both on the field and off.  The goal is for kids to not only learn the wonderful game of soccer, but to have fun, build social skills, improve self-confidence and instill a brave, creative go for it mentality that can help provide the right foundation for the rest of their lives! By developing these skills through our "story time with a soccer ball" curriculum and in a fun and non-competitive environment your little soccer star will be empowered to learn some of the most challenging deceptive dribbling skills in soccer...fearlessly.  We hope this amazing learning experience will build a solid platform for a life long love and involvement in physical fitness and team sports...but selfishly we hope it's soccer!

The Environment

Developing a safe, fun, & nurturing environment is critical to the advancement and success of our little soccer stars. Here at HappyFeet, it's one of the core foundations of our success.  With the incorporation of the core components of Jim Fay's Love & Logic approach to working with children, we are able to provide the ideal environment where children develop personal responsibility, self-control and good decision making skills.  

This approach to working with children provides the ideal environment for our little soccer stars to explore their bodies,  express themselves creatively, learn to work well in small groups, and develop their emotional and social skills...all while progressing through our time tested "story time with a soccer ball" curriculum!

  • Safe, Supportive & Highly Nurturing Environment
  • Fun, Creative & High Energy Environment
  • Learn At Your Own Pace, No Pressure, No Stress
  • Highly Interactive Environment With Developmental Opportunities
  • Fun & Failure are BOTH OK! We Learn Through Our Mistakes...FEARLESS FUN!