Legends Academy

Touches. Mirco-soccer. Mastery. Legends Academy is a player-first training academy utilizing our nationally recognized curriculum and philosophy to make each player, regardless of position, a dynamic deceptive dribbler and finisher! Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame philosophy and we encourage our players to dare greatly, take risks, and not be afraid to fail. Only Legends Soccer focuses on player success before team success!

Legends Coaches... For Soccer & Life
Our coaches are knowledgeable, loving, kind, caring, ethical, intelligent, dedicated, fun mentors of great character and soccer ability.

Superskills & Spirit - It Works!
The program is designed to rapidly improve the player's deceptive dribbling ability on the ball and make him or her a tremendous goal scorer.

Building Skill, Confidence and Leadership
The Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on developing brave, creative leaders for life.

Brave, Creative Leaders for Life
Our no guilt, no shame, no blame philosophy gives kids the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and create the big play in any situation!