Community Leagues

Our curriculum focuses immensely on individual skill development to build creative players.  We use age-appropriate, play-to-learn concepts such as songs, games, and adventures to meet children where they are developmentally and emotionally.  In our league program, children will learn the skill of the week in a play-based HappyFeet mini class then apply that skill in a game setting to learn how to use deceptive dribbling skills on the go rather than taking turns and waiting in line.  Once you try soccer the HappyFeet way, you'll never go back to conventional soccer ever again!



HappyFeet Soccer is proud to partner with community education centers to offer programming to as many children as possible! A huge benefit to our partnerships includes reserving both indoor and outdoor space ensuring we will never miss sessions due to weather.

Please note the following for any program offered by HappyFeet Soccer in partnership with a community education center:

  1. All registrations are taken through your respective community education center rather than HappyFeet Soccer.
  2. Any and all billing concerns must be handled through the community education finance department. Your confirmation email will contain this information so please be sure to pin that message in your inbox.
  3. All questions about curriculum, philosophy, and development should be directed to Tim Jantzen via email at [email protected]. We want and highly encourage you to voice your feedback!